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Welcome to Bovver World

Bovver World is my project to connect the oi! scene around the world. Oi! is a punk music sub genre, originally from the UK. Think – 70s punk influenced by 60s UK rock (bands like the Small Faces, The Who)

It’s Raw, Hard, Catchy. Not Mainstream, not Acoustic.

The first true oi! album I heard was a compilation, Oi! The Album. released in 1980. Oi!, oi!, oi! and Sunday Stripper were standout songs. That was over 30 years ago. Flash forward to 2022, the pandemic has brought a surge of powerful and energetic new oi! bands. There is a new sound in oi! and I love it.

Music has always been important to me. I’ve been in bands, toured, tape traded in the ’80s, ran my own zine called The Upstart, managed a label/distro called Steelcomb Records. In the early 2000s I had a shop called Argy Bargy selling music and clothing, which later developed into a licensing bands and designing tour merchandise. Along with countless other projects. The love of oi! is real.