Rebellion Festival 2022

Rebellion Festival in Blackpool UK, features over 300 oi! , streetpunk & punk bands from around the world. It’s incredibly overwhelming. I often joke about the time I had tears running down my face, when forced to choose between watching Major Accident and Cockney Rejects. Tough life decisions! But honestly, it’s the people attending that get me in the heart. I’ve made so many friends through mutual love of oi! No matter how many times I’ve seen Cock Sparrer, I’ll still get that same sentimental feeling when I hear “We’re Coming Back.”

So, who am I excited to see?

My favorite stage is for new bands or new to Rebellion bands. This stage always boasts music from around the world and high energy performances. Saturday stop by the new artist stage for Sudor Obrero from Chile, my friends Himnos from Guadalajara, Rum Kicks from South Korea and the Chisel from UK.

One of my favorite gigs was from the Bois (from Singapore) in 2019, you won’t find them at Rebellion this year, but you can see watch them at the Spirit of DIY festival. It’s free, The Bois go on at 22:35. Come early for Hateful from Scotland, Subalternos from Sao Paulo and L.O.A.D from the Caribbean. See what I’m talking about? International oi! baby. I love it.

Of course there’s the usual suspects. Evil Conduct, Crown Court and Ultra Sect are standouts for me, if you haven’t seen them before.

So, I’m sure you’re thinking how the hell do you manage a four day festival?! Slow and steady! Blackpool has a bit of reputation for being a bit run down. But, I’ll say the people have a charm and after being there a few times, I have a list of some better food options, if you want to skip the fish and chips. No promises on gourmet meals, but some better options are available.



Café Number Five
Health Lounge Blackpool (Smoothies)
HiveBrens Barista
Ziggy’s cafe (get a coffee with a David Bowie lightening bolt)


Mamma’s Ristorante closes at 21:00
Stefani’s Pizzaria closes at 21:00
Hauze restaurant (this place looks interesting, European, sushi and hamburgers? What could possibly go wrong?!)


Revolution Blackpool closes at 3:00am
Kebab King closes at 4:00am


Play pinball at South Pier Arcade
Fleetwood Market
Go to Sports Direct and buy ill fitting Lonsdale
Blackpool Zoo, who knew Blackpool had a zoo!
Have a cocktail at Spyglass Bar (open until 23:00)
And if all else fails, go to The Rose & Crown for beers, after parties and a guaranteed dance party at some point in the evening

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